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What is Zebum online classroom?

  • A web address (URL) where your visitors can meet you. For example One URL, the same for all your visitors. Here you organize, accept or refuse meetings, classes, consultations. You do not create a different link for every new lesson, the visitors are in the waiting room until you decide to receive them in the classroom. Your visitors don't need to register, just to visit your URL.
  • Free. Yes, really free. If you wish, you can become a patron and to support the platform as free for all. As a small reward for this - you will get access to public resources (theory, practice and homework) to make your job easier. But in any case, the basic and free package is fully functional and completely sufficient for conducting your lessons or consultations.
  • Easy and comfortable. No installation. Just open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) and get started. Works on computers, phones and tablets. According statcounter (2020) - 98% of desktop/laptop devices and 97% of mobile devices are supported.
  • The necessary tools in one place:
    • Video and audio connection. You are in constant contact with the student.
    • Whiteboard. You write in red, the student in blue.
    • Loading pre-prepared lessons (theory-presentations and practice-tests) on the whiteboard and writing on them.
    • Screen sharing if you need to use resources outside the platform.
  • Teaching materials. You can create, modify and upload learning resources (theory-presentations, practice and homework tests) to use in your classes. In the basic free package, the created/uploaded resources are public. A.k.a. they can be used not only by you, but also by all patrons (the persons who give financial or other support to our platform as free for all). But if you become a patron (EUR 5.00/month), you can use all the public resources, as well as to have private ones, visible only to you.
  • Fair for all the participants.

    Thanks to the patrons, the platform exists and everyone can use Zebum for free. With a small monthly fee, they pay for the servers, traffic and development costs.

    You can also apply for a volunteer (free patron). Some of the volunteers are translating the platform, making it available in different languages. Others moderate and support the creation of learning resources.

    Free users also contribute to others by creating resources that are accessible to all.

  • Security, no tracking. Your data and data of your students are completely under your control, encrypted with your password. And no one who doesn't know the password can see and access them. Therefore - choose strong passwords!

    Social networks and trackers are not allowed on the platform. Zebum is a place where you can peacefully do your job.
  • You consult and teach from everywhere. You are at sea or in the mountains, it is enough to have an internet connection and the classes are held.

    You reach your students everywhere. In remote neighborhoods, cities and countries. In the whole world.

    At any time suitable for you and the student.

  • No costs and lost time for transport and travel. Neither for you nor for your students. The time required is exactly equal to the lesson time.

    No COVID risk.
Create your classroom
The Web address of your classroom. At this address you will be visited by all your students, in Zebum there are no different links for each meeting. Valid characters - numbers, dashes and lowercase Latin letters.

A valid mobile number, on which after registration you will receive an SMS message with an activation code of the classroom. This phone will also be used for two-factor identification, to ensure the security of your account.

A valid email address. With this email you will log in to the platform and receive messages and notifications for your calendar.

The password should be at least 8 characters long. Remember it well, after registration you will be required to log in to the platform. Your data is also encrypted with the password. Stronger password - stronger protection.